Experts on developing
Local Energy Communities

We help you to either setting new income streams from your renewable energy facility or taking advantage of energy surplus from other citizens living in your neighborhood.

A new 100% sustainable energy model

AGG’s energy communities generate renewable electricity in urban areas.
Energy is locally generated from PV panels installed on building roofs (prosumers), while other households located in the neighborhood (consumers) can join the energy community and enjoying 100% renewable electricity.

What kind of modality ?


I want to buy renewable energy from my neighbours at a very competitive price.

I am a Prosumer

Prosumers in a Energy Community use to generate energy through PV panels. When they have an energy surplus, they can sell it to other consumers in the community, who can enjoy solar energy at lower price than the one offered by an utility.

How do you benefit? 40% Benefit

Improve ROI / TIR

Reduce time to fully depreciate your assets as you receive higher incomes than those given by an utility.

We recommend the best tariff for you

We analyse your energy consumption and suggest the best tariff to fulfil your energy needs and habits.

Binding Agreements

We advise you on setting energy purchase and energy sale agreements with consumers and utilities.

Integrates other energy assets

Our digital platform will enable you to integrate other assets, such as electric vehicles or batteries.

Many other services for you

I am a Consumer

Consumers in a local Energy Community use to be households or small enterprises able to enjoy cheap renewable energy without installing solar paneles on their roof. Instead of that, these consumers have access to energy surplus shared by Prosumers in the community.




How do you benefit? 30% Saving

Get low price

We advise you about the best way to engage your Energy Community. Each community has its own particular shape.

Screen your energy consumption

Our tools will monitor your energy consumption, alerting you in case of abnormal situations and giving you advice to reduce your electricity bill.

Promote your energy community

Our friendly apps allow you to effortlessly designing and registering your energy community.

Control everything from our app

Forget about making calls and looking for information in letters, our apps allow you monitoring consumption and bills, and controlling everything you need!

Many other services for you

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